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The Boyfriend App

The Boyfriend App - Katie Sise The Boyfriend App was mostly what I expected it to be--cute and quick. I wasn't expecting the almost sci-fi element to it though, nor the twist with Public, a manufacturer of phones and ipod type things as well as social networking for teens leader in this book. I really enjoyed Audrey and she is the reason I suspended belief a bit with some of the capabilities of technology. She is nerdy and smart, she is the middle of the road almost invisible girl in school, and although I wasn't quite the computer genius like she is, I related with her a lot. She is really into coding and some of that went over my head, but it never made me disconnect from the story. It was very believable in that she learned the script and such from her dad, and that is her hobby. I also really enjoyed her group of "trog" friends in this book--Nigit, Mindy and especially Aiden. I liked their connection but I was right there wondering when and if there was something romantic there. Audrey's friendship with her cousin Lindsay also added a lot to this story. They seem like unlikely allies and close friends because Lindsay is hardcore into fashion, but still they are there for each other, and support each other no matter what. The first usage of the app was more what I was expecting. Especially its first happy couple. But the second version is what had me questioning the story. I mean, it is an interesting twist, but I just wasn't expecting the story to go in the direction it did. And I think, no I know that Audrey really didn't think about what she was setting in motion. Okay, so the rivalry between Blake her ex bff and Audrey... Blake seemed to be the definition of a mean girl, but I could always tell she was just a hurt and jealous girl. But that can make some people act out and try to bully. Bottom Line: Quick read! Some of the story just didn't click with me, but I liked the main character and the spark between her and Aiden.