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Taken by Storm

Taken by Storm - Angela Morrison 4.5/5 Taken by Storm is a heart wrenching, beautifully written story of forbidden love. It is written from dual points of view- Micheal's dive book written journal style and Leesie's in the form of poems. I devoured this book and am left craving more. Micheal is a diver and he is the survivor of a hurricane that killed his parents, and understandably he is broken and depressed. He has flashbacks and yearning to get back into the water. He moves in with his Grandma in the winter in Teacup and is numb. The Mormon "Ice Queen" of the school breaks through his walls and they fall in love. Leesie feels for him and wants to help him, and Micheal comes to need her, and begins to want to feel, want to heal. They are both wonderful characters with voices that come through strong in their writing. I felt emotionally invested in the characters, and wanted the best for them. But it is hard to discern what really is the best. Can love conquer all? Loving one another and staying together means that one of them will have to cave- Micheal is used to showing his love through sex, and Leesie strong religious convicts her that she is to stay pure (no tongue, both feet on the floor among other rules.) Though religion is important to Leesie, she does not come off as preachy to me. I think that she does well to show that God is important to her, she does not want to cave in her beliefs and convictions, but she doesn't want to force it on Michael. She invites him to events and she talks to him about it, but she truly hopes that it might be the thing to help. Spoiler!!!! The ending to me is hard to process- but I also really appreciate it. They do what is best for them personally- pursuing college and his diving- their dreams, and hold off on their love because it would hold them back. It is hard though because I want it to work out for them to stay together and still fulfill their dreams, but I do know that there is a second book out, and I am eager to read it and see how it all comes together. All in all I loved this story and would recommend it. It is a story of romance, staying true to self, healing, and friendship.