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Dark Song

Dark Song - Gail Giles 3.5 StarsThis was a dark and edgy book, and took you on highs and lows with Ames. It was an adventure, and I would recommend reading it. The set-up and relationship are very realistic, and shows how easy it can be to just fall into a predator's grasp-- when you are searching for love and they make themselves so readily available. However, I think that this aspect was rushed. I have been in a socially taboo, borderline abusive relationship before, and it takes much longer to develop and unfold. The ending though, I would say has a 40/60 chance of being an actual outcome. I could not give it more stars because the first half (literally in pages, and also 'Part One') seems to expand and take the themes to extremes that I think just were not needed. Yes, we needed to see this part- how the family situation got that bad, how she would be set up for this sort of relationship, and vulnerabilities, but I don't think that it needed that much expounding. Although probably in teenage fashion, Ames at times really did seem whiny and hard to connect to, even though the situation certainly lends to acting out. I like how the younger sister Chrissy is written- she tells it like it is, and that is really needed sometimes. She is a breath of fresh air, and keeps the novel light at times when it needs a little relief. Overall- if you like dark and twisting books, you should give this one a read!