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Breaking Beautiful

Breaking Beautiful - Jennifer Shaw Wolf This is a very emotional story that didn't let me go, with a main character that held my attention and a plot that uncovered piece by piece. Allie lost her boyfriend and is in mourning, but that is not all there is to the story. She's forgotten all the events leading up to his death, she doesn't know if she's responsible, her best friend is responsible, or a dark mysterious James is to blame. She isn't sure if she wants the memories to come back or not. Allie definitely got my sympathy, though I really wished she would have had the courage to come forward with the abuse sooner, but I've been in those shoes and I know the mindset, and I can only imagine if the person was dead and it might just seem like you're trying to tarnish his name. Blake is such a sweety and I was rooting for him right away. But again, with their blossoming romance that I wish would have started sooner in her life to save her lots of pain, with Trip just dying, I can see how she would be hesitant, and why she pushes him away like she does. I also love the character of her brother Andrew. He is so strong in all the right ways, he may have a disability, but he uses his brain and his huge heart for those he cares about. I think that their relationship is so touching and it makes me want to have a sibling. And Caitlyn is such a great addition, I love her quirkiness and how she is so at home with who she is. I love a character who can look past the surface and see the hearts of others, and really hold on to that. I really think the title is so appropriate, it is a sad book but in a beautiful kind of way... at least how everything turns into. For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog:http://blkosiner.blogspot.com