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Touching Melody (Forever First)

Touching Melody - RaShelle Workman It is interesting that they had a history together, that they used to be best friends, but I was automatically a little confused from the synopsis and what happened in the first few chapters that Kyle didn't seem to know about his dad and what went wrong between him and Maddie or perhaps he didn't think it should change anything, when Maddie thought he killed her parents and was set on avoiding him. But then the story comes out piece by piece and I understand more about Kyle and why he wouldn't know where Maddie was coming from. And I had to wonder if Maddie was wrong, or how the truth would come out--the only two ways I thought I would be happy with the story ending. Maddie was unique in that instead of cutting or whatever, she got her pain release through pain from tattoos. I liked her voice, and her pain was palpable. I liked that even though Kyle had his wild streak (i.e. when we first met him, he was talking about having a threesome and not just in theoretical or joking trying to get girls to go along with it, they actually propositioned him.) Kyle also had his troubled past, the jerk dad and and not having a mom, but his music and the passion for that really made him appealing to me. Along with the fact that he wouldn't stand for Maddie being called pudgy. That protector instinct helped warm me up to him. This is obviously dual perspective from Maddie and Kyle, and I am loving that style in NA more and more. I chose to read this one because I liked the premise and I love the damaged coming together romances in NA these days, and it was on netgalley. The chemistry between Maddie and Kyle is great, and there were so many hot moments. I totally understood though when flashbacks or doubts seized her though, but it took them down a notch. Until the next time. Or until they played together, their music mingling, their closeness, and the intimacy helps. I liked the friendship between Maddie and Gina. She was a fun character and had a lot to bring to the story. I like how she nudged (well sometimes pushed) Maddie out of her comfort zone, but she was supportive. I wondered what her story was though, because it was obvious she was struggling with things. The ending was perfect, and wrapped up the book beautifully. Bottom Line: Touching but a little wild story of two people brought together by music and fate despite their broken pasts.