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Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass - Lisa Amowitz I liked this dark and twisty book and connected with Jeremy. He was a complicated character with a lot of problems, and only found more as the book went along. It was very realistic when dealing with the medical aspects though. He lost a leg and had a long battle to healing and recovery, and none of it was skimmed over. Jeremy is such a joker on the outside, but underneath, he is dealing with a lot. He has issues with water, ptsd, drinking, and then he, the track star, lost his leg. There are several players in this story, and I never knew what to think, what happened to Suzannah, or what other secrets were floating around. It was quite a journey as Jeremy tried to uncover truths, and struggled with himself whether he was insane, and I, as the reader, often wondered that as well since his mother had the history of mental illness. For the most part it feels like a contemporary, but there are scenes with ghostly presences, and seeming messages and dreams from beyond the grave, so it mostly read like a mystery and thriller, and a good one at that. I liked the ending, and though at a couple of parts it felt a bit rushed to tie up all of the ends, it definitely left me flipping through the pages needing to find the answers to the questions unearthed in the book. Everything was answered and although there were a few people that didn't quite get their hea, they still have the best possible for what the story threw at them. Bottom Line: Dark mystery that left me flipping pages eager to know what happens.