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The Redemption of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #2)

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen I was so glad when I got approved for this book because the last one left off at this oh my god, I can't believe what just happened, please tell me that was a dream, what the f*ck, I NEED TO KNOW what happens moment. The beginning doesn't really lay out all of those answers at once, but we do get some of them, and then the drama and suspense quickly starts up in this one, having me itching to know answers, but also savoring the character development in that moment, and getting glimpses into the souls of Callie and Kayden. Their fears, insecurities, their emotions, and trying to sort out what they feel, and how and if redemption and healing is possible. We also get to see more of the friendship with Callie and Seth, which I love. Their banter, easy trust and conversations, as well as the hard questions he poses, and how he tries to push Callie toward that healing and redemption that she so needs and wants in her life. Luke is also back in the picture, and I like him more and more every scene he is in. His easy acceptance of Callie, how he cares about her as a friend, and I want to know about his intensity, his accepting nature towards Seth, and what turned him into this cool person he is. It is so hard to watch Kayden hiding. He thinks that Callie deserves better than him after her seeing him like that and knowing the truth about some of his darkest personal secrets. Callie is so brave though in standing up to him and not letting him get away. It is really intense moments, and I love those glimpses when his self control slips and we get to see the passion and how much they love each other, but then it is all the harder when thought returns to him and he once again is misguidingly trying to protect her from himself. There were some really hot moments, deep conversations, and two very brave and determined people. To leave their past behind them, and to somehow find hope, healing and redemption. I did feel like the ending was a bit rushed, and that the recovery wasn't quite as realistic as I think it would be in real life, but it was still extremely emotional and touching. It made me want to cry, and jump for joy. And oh the epilogue, it opened the door for more to go on in this world and still to give the ending that I wanted for Callie and Kayden. I can't wait to learn about Violet and see more about Luke in the 3rd book as well as more details about what Callie's brother told her at the end. Bottom Line: Heart wrenching but swoon worthy followup with Callie and Kayden.