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All of You - Christina  Lee Bennett is such a nice change from other YA or NA male characters, because he is the one who is more restrained and who is all innocent in the sexual area. It was seriously appealing to me and a breath of fresh air. I loved his every scene and wanted to know what he was thinking. It was attractive that he was chivalrous and treated her with even more respect than is the norm. Avery is such a strong character. She knows self defense, and she knows how to get what she wants. She is more like guys in the normal aspect of she doesn't want commitment, just sex most of the time. She normally doesn't really let others in, and it is fun to see Bennett worm his way into her life and then into her heart. Admittedly, the plot is similar to most of the other NA's the damaged individuals helping each other heal and learning to love again. Still it was addictive, and I am not tired of this story line at all. I know some of my readers are, and this is probably not the story for you if you are burned out, but to me, I enjoyed every page. I also love that Avery is a lpn and that her job is a passion. There, at the nursing home where she works, she has formed a deep friendship with one of the residents. Her name is Mrs. Jackson and I adored her. She is fiesty, smart and intuitive, and I love the bond that her and Avery has and how much she helps her realize about life, herself and love. All of You is a great title for this one because we get to see Bennett, who not only wants a hot body, but he wants commitment, emotions, conversation, and most of all--love. He wants every part of Avery and I loved watching Avery realize that she too wanted every part of him. Both of their families and backgrounds plays into who they have become, and they are still dealing with repercussions of how they grew up and faults of their parents. But it molded them, and they have siblings that depend on them and share in everything that they went through. The ending was perfect. Everything wove together and it was wrapped up beautifully. I sighed a contented sigh at the end, although I am eager for the companion novel to read more of Lee's masterfully crafted characters and intense chemistry. Bottom Line: Amazing journey of Avery learning to love, helped along by the hot chemistry of virgin tattoo artist Bennett.