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A Little Too Far - Lisa Desrochers Wow does this book cross so many lines, and take me on the adventure every second of it. I thought that I might have issues with the step-brother and especially the priest, but the build up really made me see it in a new light. The forbidden romances are something that seems to find Lexie. Like a magnet. And they are hot, and sweet, and a little too far. Trent wormed himself into my heart because of their open and trusting relationship. How much they were to each other, and if it is step, how wrong is it exactly, that is what I explored with Lexie as it happened. Trent has this whole troubled musician vibe going for him, and he is a good listener and supporter of Lexie. So, I totally didn't know. Because really, how could this work for them? They could never be together in public. Then to further confused Lexie's heart (and mine) as she went to Rome and found herself doing confession and penance with a priest in training. But as they share experiences, art, attractions, dinner, and then confidences, I can def see the attraction. There is chemistry and tension with both guys and I couldn't decide how I wanted it to end. Alessandro (wanna be priest) has such a dark past, and I never would have guessed. The things that he wants to change and his reason for answering the calling is so powerful that you can't help but pull for him. But then I am also pulling for him and Lexie, which wouldn't work out if he were a priest, and I didn't know if I wanted him to give that up, no matter the feelings. So, like I said. Complicated, messy, emotional. Perfect. I had so many feelings in this one, but mostly I just related with and liked Lexie. She knows she's not perfect, but you can tell she is a good person. I know absolutely nothing about art and I don't know if Lisa (author) does either, but if she doesn't it is really well researched. Her passion shines through and makes me care about what she does. She is funny and complicated, so being in her head kept me interested through the whole book. And oh the setting. It's so much fun to be in another country surrounded by history and culture! A heart pounder, where I didn't know exactly what I wanted the end to be for Lexie, and exactly how far is too far. Bottom Line: Great book about what lines you can cross and should you?