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Once We Were - Kat Zhang 3.5 I enjoyed this book and it was a pretty good middle book in a series. This one focused more on Addie and Eva as individuals since they have figured out how to go under and give the other a modicum of privacy. They both even have romances in their alone time. But they also discover how much they need each other and how they value the other's presence and input. While there was action, this was mostly character driven. Which I am down with because I love some good hints of romance and character building and growth. I liked getting to know all of the secondary characters better and the roles they play in their new life away from the institutes. What got me thought was it seemed like Eva and Addie switched, that Addie was now in control more often and really taking charge with decision making and I guess that makes sense because she hadn't for so long, but I just wanted to see more of the Addie that I was from the last time. The big struggle is how far is too far when it comes to rescuing other hybrids, and what risks are worth it. The moral and social issues with hybrids are really interesting to me, and I liked seeing how it all played out and I am somehow hoping for a happy ending for this series. The Addie and Ryan romance while not drastic was one of the things that I enjoyed most and kept me turning the pages. I will be continuing this series, and can't wait to see what happens next. Bottom Line: I liked What's Left of Me better, but still enjoyed the character development and progression in this one.