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Living with Jackie Chan - Jo Knowles 3.5 I don't really remember much about Jumping off of Swings besides I liked it, and was a little nervous because of that going into this one since it is a companion novel. But I worried for nothing because I connected with Josh and though I didn't remember small details, we get the big picture from being in his head. I really enjoyed Uncle Larry, he is happy, perky, supportive and a little strange, quirky, but still awesome. He really cares for others especially Josh, and I got really confused because he called him Sam all the time because of a childhood joke, but it became natural before too long and got used to it especially since his friend Stella picks up on it. I really appreciated extended family and the close and supportive relationship in this one. Although Josh's relationship with his parents is strained, I appreciate the efforts on both sides, and even acknowledging that things were rough for a while and nothing will be fixed over night. The other secondary characters especially Stella bring so much to the story. She has a heap of her own issues with a possessive boyfriend. And as she becomes close with Josh, their friendship has to remain on the down low. But I enjoyed the easy nature and banter between them and the conversations that make them closer. Although I am in no way a fan of cheating, I so wanted them to be together because they are so good for each other. Karate also plays a big role in this one and I was surprised how well it was tied in and made nature. As a fellow martial artist (well, at least I was before I had kids) I totally connected to those parts and understood how he liked to be a part of the group all doing the same thing at the same time and the power that can draw. Bottom Line: Quick but emotional journey to forgiving yourself and finding acceptance with others.