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The Truth About You and Me - Amanda Grace, Mandy Hubbard 3.5 This is quite the story, and despite the fact I read one similar in theme and being with their teacher not to long ago (Where you Are by Trumble) I still thoroughly enjoyed. I think that Amanda Grace did a good job of painting the picture of how it started, and trying to show that Bennett aka Mr. Cartright didn't know she was only because she lied. It treaded some really thin lines, but I totally felt how she fell in love and can only imagine what it would be like to be a college professor and being attracted to your student. And I think that Bennett was honorable about it so long and showed so much but then again not enough restraint while he was still her teacher. I liked Madelyn despite the lies, and I believe that she wanted to do the right thing, but was drawn in by the forbidden romance and the strength of her attraction for and connection with Bennett. But I also thought that he reacted when he did find out, but I also can see where he was coming from because it was a huge shock. But then again 16, 17 and 18 really isn't that big of a difference if all are age of consent. So I understand but also since it is from Madelyn's point of view totally am hurt and outraged by his ultimate negative reaction. But Madelyn in some ways is more mature because she is smart and can handle college classes, but immature in the lies, and not standing up for herself for so long. She let her parents plans dictate her and guide her life even when she wasn't sure what she wanted for herself. But I suppose that she was mature in that she still studied and followed the path because of her reasoning, since she didn't know what she actually wanted, why make the fuss and not do the work until she figures it out. One thing I didn't like though was the point of view. I get that it is a letter and a medium for telling stories, but the use of "you" making it feel like I was Mr. Cartwright is what kept this from being four or even possibly five stars. It pulled me out of things because it annoyed me, and that is totally personal preference on me, nothing on the writing. The ending was bittersweet but fitting and even though it felt a bit rushed to me, it was perfect for this story, and another big reason it differed from Where you Are. Bottom Line: Tough subject of teacher and student relationship with a twist.