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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout I really enjoyed this spin off, though I will make sure that you are forewarned this is a NA/Adult novel, and there is much more sex found in this one than in her YA Lux series. I just don't want any of my readers to be surprised. But speaking of the steamy, wow, does Jennifer know how to write a scene. I loved Serena and Hunter and when they finally came together, it was pretty awesome. There is this intense build up and seeing them learn to care for each other and the building of trust, because even though there is chemistry and lust at first, I need for there to be more, and wow was there. Serena and her friend Mel got themselves mixed up in the alien world and Mel is murdered for what she saw and heard, and Serena is in danger because Mel told her about it. And then Hunter, who was working for the DOD is assigned to protect her. What I enjoyed the most was having my eyes opened to the alien culture even more. While reading the Lux series (which isn't required, but seriously, it's Jennifer, why wouldn't you want to??) I thought that Arum were all inherently evil. While Hunter makes it clear that he has a dark side, we also see that he is capable of loving, caring and that definitely makes him not all evil. While he needs to feed, and Luxen are the choice "food" he can actually feed without killing them, but they usually don't give incentive for that to happen. The Arum were actually created to basically police the Luxen, because as we see more in depth in this one, they have more of a bad side than we saw with the Blacks. The ending was good, and wrapped everything up well, although I would love to see more of Serena and Hunter. Bottom Line: Steamy and fast paced spin off from the Lux series that made me question what I thought I knew about aliens.