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Deception - C.J. Redwine I loved this follow up to Defiance and I can't wait for the next book in the series. I loved being back with Rachel and Logan and loved them both as much as I remembered from Defiance. Deception is full of action, emotions, small steamy scenes, healing, friendship, betrayal, secrets and fighting against all odds. This is in no way a filler book, and I loved every second. Revenge is a big theme in this one, and we see how it drives so many of the survivors. They all have lost people and their homes, and while continued survival and freedom are their biggest motivators, you can also see how revenge helps them to move on. But we all see how it can debilitate and add to the burdens already heavy on their shoulders when they don't funnel it properly. The same with grief. Especially through Rachel in this one. Her nightmares are chasing her into the daytime, and all of the things that she has done and regretted are piling on her shoulders and she is only stuffing it down and not dealing with it. We get to see her breaking and it was so hard to watch. Her source of comfort and her way out of the grief and guilt comes from someone that I didn't quite expect it from, but I loved it and painted such a beautiful picture of friendship and of support. It was awesome to watch Logan grow into a leader and really take on the responsibility for the survivors. He is so thoughtful and thinks through everything. He takes seriously that the survivors chose him as their leader and I don't think they could have chosen a more smart and capable and driven person. I also loved the moments with him and Rachel. To see how in love they were, and how they supported each other. They both have so many responsibilities and try to protect the other. It is awesome and leaning on each other is how they get through it all. Quinn and Willow are by far my favorite secondary characters. They bring so much depth to the story. Their rich back story, their sibling love and protectiveness, how devoted they are to Rachel and Logan, and the knowledge and power they bring with their friendship and alliance. I lived for each moment where they stole the scene with their fierceness or loyalty, as well as learning about their past even when it is so dark. And wow at the twists in the plot. Oh my goodness, I didn't see some of them coming, and some of the things that took place showed such sacrifice, brought such pain, and others just made my eyes bug out because I never considered it a possibility. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series and find out what happens next. Bottom Line: Amazing story from first page to last.