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One Tiny Lie - K.A. Tucker One Tiny Lie focuses on Livie, Kasey's sister from Ten Tiny Breaths. Except she is grown up and in college, living her dream. Or at least what she thinks is her dream. One Tiny Lie ends up being a journey for Livie to follow her heart and learn who she is and what she wants. I loved her testing the boundaries and Strayner and Kasey teaming up to help her do things she's never done before, making friends along the way and learning about making her own choices and breaking out of the so called perfect mold that she has put herself in. There is so much chemistry in this one. Ashton is hot, mysterious, and at first a man whore with wit, but luckily we see a new side of him emerging through his interactions with Kasey. I loved discovering more about him, and what he keeps hidden, and the soft side to the tough bad boy exterior. One thing I didn't like is how Livie strung Connor along when her heart was telling her she wanted and needed Ashton. Though I understand her reasoning, because Connor is smart, good looking, a good guy--the one she could see her parents picking for her and a guy that the old perfect Livie would even pick for herself. I also didn't like Ashton's ways, but the reasons for some of them come out and I completely begin to understand that too. Her character development really drove this story, and I tore through it, page after page late into the night, not only because of Livie, but also to get glimpses of Trent and Kasey, and Storm from the first book. I also liked the secondary characters that Livie meets at college. Reagan, her roomie is a fire ball, and I liked how they talked and shared things, and really did life together. The ending wrapped things up pretty well, and I can't think of a better ending for Livie.Bottom Line: Great character development and a crush worthy bad boy with a soft spot.