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Lost (Lost & Found, #1) - Nadia Simonenko I loved the brokenness of Maria and Owen and how they appreciated and accepted each other the way they were. They didn't expect them to change, but in fact, connected more because they saw that hesitation, the freezing up, and uncertainty around others, it opened up those channels of trust. Both had such hard pasts that still effected their lives and how they interacted with each other. Loved Tina and the friendship there. How she protected and understood her. That she wasn't perfect herself, she had a mouth, that they were close and open with each other. The parents in this one infuriated me, as well as the bullies. I hate it, but I loved watching Maria and Owen rise above their past, and learn to heal. This is such a realistic story, and I appreciate how just because they were together, it didn't mean they were automatically healed, it just meant they had more support and incentive to work on it, getting a little better. The emotions in Lost are well done. There was so much terror, dread, pain and also love, acceptance and hope. I was caught up in Lost, and didn't want to put it down, and I am very eager to read Found! Bottom Line: Realistic, gritty and dark with steamy romance.