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Phoenix (Black City, #2) - Elizabeth  Richards Starts with a bang and it feels like I never left this dark world. Get right back into ash's head as he's forced to make an impossible decision. Natalie or his people... All while leading a revolt healing from burns and fighting nightmares of burning from the attempted execution from the first book. The thing that draws me most though is the romance between Ash and Natalie. I Love their chemistry, moments together, physical and the soul sharing. Action and complications are never far behind though so I treasured each of those moments. The weird love triangle type thing both infuriated me and enthralled me. I saw the appeal of Elijah and understood what he saw in natalie but i am a big ash.fan so it didn't fly for me in the end. So I am glad that there was more than what it was at the surface, and that nothing too stupid of a line was crossed. Understood why ash thought it and what he saw. His pain was so intense but still loyal... Which brings me back to the reason that I love Ash so much. Natalie was actually hiding something else, that i never saw coming and took my breath away. The pacing is intense and I loved the dual narration that continues in this one because I loved seeing both Ash and Natalie's perspectives. It ended leaving me yearning for the next book, which I will be getting my hands on the day it releases to find out what happens next.