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The Registry - Shannon Stoker I couldn't stop reading the Registry while Mia is rising above the oppression of women, and her travelign companion Andrew is making the of himself where boys are forced into military service, and love isn't a factor in marriage. The Registry started with a bang and automatically got me on Mia's side as well as her sister Corrina's side. I was wondering what her sister could tell her that would break her away from a promising (in this world's context) future, and it was def a good reason. I read this book because it was on edelweiss and I liked the sound of it. I would have picked it up even without the review copy though, and I would have been glad because I like the characters, the story line, and even though the world is not one I would want to live in, the world building is great, and I can feel what these kids are going through. I connected with Mia, I liked her way of thinking and related with the way she thought about herself and in some ways, the world. I also liked that we got Andrew's point of view. It is in third person, but it didn't bother me, I thought it flowed well, and it made it Mr. Madsen is the perfect villain, I wanted to smack him frequently. I can't wait until the next book where I find out exactly how he will completely get his. While I liked some aspects of the world building I didn't quite like the way that she asked the same questions and got so many different answers, because I was just confused. I understand the intent that history is made by the conquerors and the new america is forcing their version of everything, and Mia doesn't buy it, so she tries to get a better picture. I liked the secondary characters a lot, the people they met along the way that helped them, and I wanted more time with each set of them. There is a love triangle, and I wish there wasn't because it was going great the way it was. The romantic suspense and the forbidden love had enough going for it. The ending also left me wanting. I know that it seems like an okay spot to end, but I will be continuing to find out what happens next. Bottom Line: Couldn't look away from Mia and this dark world.