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The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston Loved this premise, and The Rules for Disappearing definitely delivered. It packed a lot of emotion that I wouldn't have necessarily expected. I connected with Meg, she was smart, and loyal to her family in a big way. I also loved her snark. She is by no means perfect because she has low self esteem at times (another reason I connected for her and cheered for her.) The moving around from being in the witness protection program has taken a huge stress on her family, and Meg had to step up in ways that no teenager ever should. Taking responsibility for her little sister like she did told me so much about her character. I loved them both and hurt for everything they saw with their mom, the fear that they lived in, and I melted a bit at how deep their love for each other is. The way that the first couple pages set it up is that there would be a love triangle, and honestly, I hope that it wouldn't turn out that way. And luckily it ended up being a one man show, and I was so thankful for that. I really liked Ethan, but was frustrated for Meg's benefit at how perceptive and intuitive he was. He is quirky, witty, and has such a kind heart. I loved the romance, that they bantered, flirted, and that although they were attracted to one another, things built more slowly. The mystery was great. It kept me on my toes, and the things that I thought would happen had a twist to it and then went in a new direction. Oh, and the chapter headings are cute and funny. The story itself wraps up pretty well, but the epilogue definitely leaves room for many more questions and has me eager for the next book. Bottom Line: Beautifully executed premise with an emotional punch.