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In Honor - Jessi Kirby Even the subject matter screamed to me: read me. I am a sucker for emotional books like this, and the road trip is an added bonus. It is so important that it talks about the death of a marine, and how the family feels after the loss from the one they loved that made such a sacrifice. I know this is fiction, but there are so many true stories, and feeling the emotion and getting inside Honor's head--if it makes me understand even a little bit, then it has done an important service. Being inside Honor's head was amazing ride. She experienced grief but she also was trying to work through it in a way to remember and honor her brother. That lead her on quite and adventure and she discovered so many things, about herself and about life, even about Finn, her brother. Rusty, oh Rusty. He is so rough around the edges and there were moments when he was so insensitive and I just wanted to smack him. And then the next he was deep or kind and I wanted to hug him. I realize that he was going through the loss of his best friend as well, and that brought out to extremes the rough edges that were there before, but not as hurting to other people. I loved the interactions with Wyatt, a random, very sweet, understanding guy that takes her on an adventure. The possibility of love was palpable, but it wasn't meant to be obviously since they meet in the middle of nowhere and are going different directions. It was sweet, and also helped Honor learn about herself. The ending itself was also well done. The secrets that Honor found out, and the guilt that she felt were all an emotional roller coaster. But there was a sweet friendship with hope of more, something that I wasn't sure I wanted to happen, but ended up being thrilled about. Bottom Line: This is a sweet, yet emotionally packed book about loss, love, grief and healing.