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Spirit - Brigid Kemmerer It was great getting to be in Hunter's head and figure out where he was coming from as well as getting to meet a new character. Spirit is just as packed with action as the others, and has the emotional hook. There were several scenes where I felt so bad for Hunter. Bad things just happened to him over and over, and I can see where his confusion and not knowing who to trust comes from. I did get tired of the back and forth do I or don't I, but I did completely understand where his head and heart were. There are some smoking hot scenes in this one too, and I enjoyed them even though they were cloaked in, for the most part, head games. I mostly just loved being back in the Merrick's world and seeing what is going on with them and the trials that they bond together to overcome. I miss being in their heads though. Hunter I know is an extension of that, but still. The secrets that come to light in this one are good, and I suspected a few, but others just threw me for a loop. The pacing was good, and there was always something going on whether the action or some character development or giving a peek into the other characters we'd come to love from the previous novellas and books. The ending left me yearning for more, and I know there is yet more trouble for the Merricks and assorted characters brewing for the fourth book, that I can't wait to get my hands on.Bottom Line: Another great installment in the Elemental series.