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Astarte's Wrath - Trisha Wolfe Astarte's wrath begins with quite a bang. There is lots of action, and it is a fast paced and addictive read. The historical aspects of the story were well done. It felt natural to the world building and as person that usually doesn't do historical fiction that is a very good thing. Liked how tough Star is and how she respects her position and takes it seriously but also knows when a fight is needed. She is a great main character to read about with her resolve, her skills, and how she questions what needs to be questioned. Her internal struggles and journey to growth was superb. Love the glimpses of past with her and Xarion, as well as the moments they share together. The forbidden love is so steamy, I love it so much. There are def some moments that are for mature teens and adults only. But every second was like heaven. Trisha writes romance that leaves me swoony and with a smile on my face. But nothing is ever easy. Star has to make some choices that conflict her so much, and rightly so. Pheonix is such a fun character. Sure he is brass, he loves women... A lot of them... But that is all coming from the culture, where Star is the one that is different in not sleeping with others. And the brassness comes in handy when he and Star are bantering. He always adds a stress relieving laugh, which I think helps to ground Star. The mystery of the Candra and the race is great, and kept me guessing what their motivations are and where they came from. I couldn't believe the betrayal that is near the end. It made me want to cry, and I was right there with Star wanting to throttle the betrayer and the circumstances that led to the betrayal. Wow. The ending was heartbreaking and perfect all wrapped into one. I love this world, and its characters, and I can't wait for more with Dez in the future. It was so neat to get a view of the sacrifices, love and warring that led to her story with Star. awesome quote: “I would give up my crown if it meant finding a way to free you, Star.” He releases my hand. “But you have to want that freedom. Not fear it.”Bottom Line: Beautifully written story filled with action and romance.