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Crossing the Line (Pushing the Limits, #1.5) - Katie McGarry Crossing the line is another great book by Katie McGarry... Well, Novella, technically. It is leaving me wondering why I never read them in the past (well, before Destroy me anyways.) Though it is not as dark as the others, it still had similar elements and I enjoyed being in Echo's town. There are full fleshed out characters. I wondered and had plenty of questions as reading and in the end, just wish that I had more time with them, but i have a feeling that I would still that way after even 300 pages with them. I had to know the lie that Lincoln told and once I figured that out why he told it. I really understood in the end though, and can see how he got himself into that situation. I also appreciated Lila and left wondering about her terror of being alone. That was never really fully explained, but I guess that anxiety and no previous experience can explain. Although with her character, I was bit confused in the very beginning because I read date you to first and Beth's friend Lacy was stuck in my head and I was wondering for a minute where Lincoln came from then realized Lila was echo's best friend. But that is totally on me! Too many L names :) There was some pretty hot scenes, and I got a good feel on their history from snippits of letters at the beginning of the chapters. The ending was good though I wish that I knew how they ended up. Bottom Line: Great novella.