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Pretty Bones - Aya Tsintziras I think that eating disorders and distorted body image is a very important thing to talk about, and I think that Ava handled it well in Pretty Bones. We saw the start, especially where Raine, the main character thought that she was in control of it and could stop when she wanted. Next we have the concerned friends, then the crash that after she keeps on with the disorder, and then the final wake up call where she wants to get help. What my problem was is I didn't see a new or unique twist, I felt like I have read this book before. Don't get me wrong, I am drawn to books like this, and I flew through this one, and the fact that it is pretty short helped that along. I just don't see where it brought something new. I connected with Raine though, because I have been in her shoes, and I still have problems with my body image. It is always about those numbers on the scale, and no matter how thin, you always see fat. Though these days I am on the other end where I eat what I want when I want so that I don't fall into the anorexia or bulemia again. I am trying to just love myself the way that I am and see food as a tool, and not let it rule over me. Size twelve, fourteen, twenty, zero, five or seven should be okay, AS LONG as HEALTHY. I know, I am preaching to the choir, but I have let media, boys, and myself tell me that I am ugly for far to long. Okay, off the soap box. I really do think that Pretty Bones is a good read, and the pacing is good. Nothing felt overly rushed, but I do think that some layers could have been added or expanded on in order to give something new and more fully tell Raine's story. Bottom Line: Good message