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Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi When the synopsis says that she has to make some hard choices, it is not exaggerating I thought it was just being fancy, but she is faced with a twist that I didn't see coming. And it makes her have to make choices about love that can kill, or breaking her own heart... and his? I love the first book, and the second doesn't disappoint. We get to see more about Omega Point, and we get more of Kenji, who quickly became one of my favorite secondary characters. In Unravel Me, we see more of the day to day operations and Castle's research. The action is well written and the character development is superb. Juliette learns so much about herself and about stepping up, but she of course is still not perfect. She makes some mistakes that hurt to read about, and she literally couldn't make some of her decisions without hurting someone. Besides the above mentioned twist, there are others that left me reeling. I finally began to see the appeal of Warner to an extent (this part of the review was written before I read Destroy Me) but I still go a little crazy for Adam He makes me happy just how much he adores her and how loyal he is to his family and what he believes in. Speaking of his family--James has grown up a little in this one and he is one of my fave characters besides the obvious choices. Although I still think that Adam is the best for Juliette, I know that between what I have learned in this and Destroy Me, that I don't want Warner to get hurt. I don't know how that is going to happen, but I know I don't want it. Where Shatter Me was Adam's book, and it made me love him, and it seems like the main character always picks the first love, Unravel Me is Warner's book. We get to see more of that deep, emotional and scarred side of him. And we see more connection with Warner, because Juliette is afraid of hurting Adam. My mind doesn't even know what to think, and that is good writing when I can't make up my mind. As usual, the pacing is great. There is always some sort of action going on, whether battles or character development. Or some scenes that will break your heart, or make you sigh because of the romance. The sequel is hot and I absolutely can't wait for the third. Bottom Line: Awesome sequel, enjoyed Juliette even more in this one!