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Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi So I should have started this one before I read Unravel Me, but I only realized that it was addition that gave important insight when I was 2/3 of the way through Unravel Me. But I guess better late than never. So I stopped Unravel Me, and started Destroy Me. Mafi is as amazing story teller in this on e At first, Warren's voice seemed to clinical and detached, but I told myself, he's just been shot. If there is ever a time... But I kept going because I wanted to see what was so great about Team Warner. And did I find out. There is so much in his past that makes him act the way he does, and it is almost as sad as Juliette's background. His voice sounds that way because that is the way his father taught him to be. He has built up walls within himself in order to lead the way he does. But then you find out even more about his motivations, and my heart just wanted to melt. He did so many things that I thought was just downright evil, but when I discover the cause, I have to rewrite everything and question it all through Juliette's eyes. The love he has for her, just wow. He tries all of the time to talk himself out of it, and it is sad. I still adore Adam, and I know that one of the two is going to have to get hurt, and that makes me sooo torn. Ms. Mafi definitely knows how to write a character so that they make me feel for them and connect with them. Bottom line: Great novella that gives great insight into Warner.