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The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe I wasn't expecting The Way We Fall to be written in letter format, but surprisingly it didn't bother me. I usually am not one for prose, email or anything but narrative, but Kaelyn's voice and way of writing drew me right in, and I almost forgot she was writing to her friend. Megan Crewe created a chilling situation with the virus. It is contagious, it has no known cure and it can kill, all this on an island. I didn't know how this could be fixed or how the main character and others would manage to survive and escape being infected, but I knew that I wanted them to figure it out and was on edge right with them through the scary stages of the illness and watching those they loved and cared about get sick. I pulled for Kaelyn and really connected with her. The love she had for her family, and ultimate respect for her dad and trust that he could come up with an answer. The relationship with her brother and the protective instincts for her little cousin Meredith. As well as the unlikely friendship and connections that she makes while trying to help those on her island and those who are sick. I appreciated her wisdom in figuring out the things that are worth fighting for, and makes life worth living. I liked the story, but there wasn't much of a conclusion. I wanted a few more answers, and I wanted to know more. Bottom Line: A chilling, action packed scenario with a main character I cared for.