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Sapphire Sun - Suzi Davis So, first let me say, if you haven't read this series, you should give it a try. I love it and really liked Grace's character and the love story is great. With that said--there will probably be spoilers for the first two in the series. Going into Sapphire Sun, I had forgotten a few things, but I remembered the love and devotion that Grace and Sebastian had for each other. And, as it turns out, the blurb tells you most of what you need to know, and Grace and Sebastian's memories are blank as to what happened in Greece. But I was sucked right back into her world and terror since it opens with a nightmare... But at first you aren't sure that is what it is, and I am not sure if it is memories trying to haunt her and how much the paranoia when she wakes is warranted. The plot is fast and there is so much coming at Grace. Hard, life changing things, and I appreciated how she handled it all. For the most part. I had to remind myself that she was young, and love is all consuming, and as the distance between her and Sebastian starts to grow once her magic reawakens and his apparently doesn't, he withdraws. She can see that he is dealing with a lot, but he doesn't want to burden her so he doesn't talk to her about it. Which only upsets her more, because she felt like she was all on her own. And I can totally sympathize with that, because for the most part, women just want to nurture, and men want to handle it themselves, and these two mindsets don't mesh. But she puts off some of the responsibilities that she agreed to with the spirits, and that creates a whole world of trouble that she couldn't predict. This is where I wished that she could have found some kind of balance before everything went so far downhill. But then they wouldn't have learned and grown as characters so much I guess. And it was quite a journey, watching their hearts be broken, deal with things that no young adult should have to. It made me feel right along with Grace, and watching her learn to be a leader and what that means, as well as embracing what she was called to do, and learn balance with the magic that she has been trusted with. There are both old and new characters in this one. There was one in particular that I didn't know what to make of the seeming changes, and I didn't know if I wanted to trust him, but I wanted to. There is also wedding planning that made me giddy, and some very hot scenes that made me squee and blush a bit. The ending was very satisfying, and had a few twists that I didn't see coming, but it was very sweet and I think that it wrapped up the book very nicely. Bottom Line: Heart stopping continuation of the love story between Grace and Sebastian, with some surprising and emotional twists.