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Sever - Lauren DeStefano It is always bittersweet finishing a series. There is this feeling of depression that you won't be with the characters you've came to love, rooted for, and swooned over. There is also, at least for me, a feeling of accomplishment and closure (provided that the author delivers.) And Lauren definitely delivered in Sever. I got caught right back up into Rhine's world. Cecily is grown so much, and it was quite a journey in Sever to see her develop so much more. She is such a unique type of character, and I can't really describe how reading about her has effected me. She has some heartbreaking scenes in this one, and I didn't know how I would handle it. Linden is as sweet and generous as ever, if still blinded to what is around him, but luckily the women around him and Reed, his uncle who I adored by the way, help to make him see the world and his father the way it really is. I love Reed's inventive and curious nature, as well as appreciating him offering his house and protection. The conversations he had with Rhine were great, and I loved his teasing nature. I wasn't expecting him as a character, but he turned out to be great. Rhine's search for her brother, and figure out the truth or not about what he is saying. She wants to show Rowan that she is alive, and also get some of the answers that he seems to hold about her past, and hopefully the hope that they cling to for their future. I flew through this and did not want to put it down to eat or sleep, and did so only reluctantly. The characters are beautifully written and captivating. Rhine's emotions and motivations are easy to relate to. I still had a hard time with her pushing Linden away, but I knew that she had to find Gabriel. So, in essence for most of the book, you know until THAT thing happened, I was still torn over who she should be with,and who I would pick for myself. Linden is a hard one to choose though because of the sharing and sister wives deal. The ending floored me, it was things that I wasn't expecting, hoped against hope wouldn't happen, but there was also hope and good things that happened. I know that it is a good and fitting ending, but I am still kinda in shock over the events, and dealing with some loss. I can't believe that I have to say goodbye to these characters. Bottom Line: Bittersweet conclusion to an amazing trilogy.