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Panic - Sharon M. Draper Panic is a pretty intense book that shows the power of friendship, and the arts. It tackles quite a few tough issues, kidnapping, abusive relationships, and what happens when you take things a bit too far and then the consequences. It wasn't what I expected from the summary, but I ended up liking it anyways. I appreciated the multiple points of view, showing how Diamond being missing effects her friends, as well as Layla being in the destructive relationship hurts more than just her. I liked the message of hope, and healing, as well as the sense of community with the dancers that Panic gave me. It was tough being in Diamond's head, but I admired the clear head that she kept about her. Even though she was going through really tough stuff, and didn't know where she was, and she knew awful things were happening to her, she still thought about taking care of herself even when she didn't want to because she wanted to be able to find that right moment to get herself out. Being in Mercedes head was hard, because she was with Diamond when she disappeared. They had seperated for about half and hour, and then she gets a text from her friend, and then no one hears from her, and she is declared missing. She carries around understandable guilt, that I think that anyone would feel. But I love the support she gets, and that she is told not to blame herself. Also, Justin. Oh my. I loved how he stood up for Layla, and I could totally see what he saw in her. I relate with Layla though with her self esteem issues too by the way. But I love that he is bold but shy all at the same time. And I adore male dancers. I like that he meshed his ballet with the hip hop, that was a real treat. And I appreciate how he saw through the scandal with Layla and didn't turn his back on her. It was also admirable how he stayed true to liking her even through her being with Donovan, and making some not so smart choices. One thing that distracted me through it all is the slang. It has been a while that I have read a book where it was distracting to me, even in the dystopias where there are sometimes new words and terms thrown at me. Maybe it is because I am not a teen and I am a stay at home mom, but that is my take. I also wished that the book was longer, and gave more of a resolution than just hinting at the hope and healing that we get a glimpse of from the characters. But I have started preferring wrapped up to open ended in my contemporary, so personal preference I suppose. Ms. Draper handled all of the tough issues with grace, and I like how she had the parents, siblings, and their dance teacher involved in their life, giving support, and how dance was always an outlet for the girls and Justin. Bottom Line: Emotional and fast paced.