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The Chance - Karen Kingsbury Like many of her books that I have read, The Chance starts out pulling at my heartstrings. It starts when Ellie is a young teenager and her parents' marriage is falling apart. It is so emotional seeing her blame herself and the conclusion that her mom must not love her because she chose another man over her and her dad. Ms. Kingsbury knows how to write emotions so that you feel them right along with her characters. I didn't expect to hear from the parents of Ellie at the beginning but it was neat to get their perspectives and see where things went wrong with them. The set-up between Ellie and Nolan is sweet, and I am right there wishing for them to be able to reunite. It was emotional seeing her tearful goodbye, and I wonder at how they never got in touch but still cared for each other so much. It is so hard watching everything fall apart, and everyone getting into these incredibly low points in their lives, but it is so awesome how Karen Kingsbury weaves everything together, bringing hope back into their lives just a little bit at a time, how religion ties in, showing God's work and providence in each character's life. The ending was beautiful and moving, and I love how Ellie really renewed her faith in God after watching how God carefully lined up each event, touched it with his power, and moved everything to fix what was broken. Bottom Line: Sweet and emotional novel about the power of prayer and how God can orchestrate miracles, but on his time not ours.For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com