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Parallel Visions - Cheryl Rainfield I was immediately drawn to the premise because I like reading about illnesses and I like the idea of psychic visions, and this combines them into one book. Parallel Visions is a short and enjoyable read. I liked the character of Kate and how she really cared about her sister. Gil, the love interest is a genuine guy and I can see why Kate is attracted to him, she has had a crush on him for a while, and it is not just instant magnetism because of looks or anything like that. She has seen that he is kind and helpful to others, even the ones who are sick or hurt, and that especially gets Kate's attention since she has severe asthma. The fantasy element is well done, and it really is a unique idea. It gets to me though how Kate has to suffer to have these visions, but she wants to because she desires to help others, especially her sister who may be in trouble. I like how Parallel Visions really focuses on the family. Not only Kate and her family as a close knit unit but also Gil and his sister who is in a lot of pain, and he and his Nana come together to support her. That is not to say I didn't have a few issues... There were times when Kate and Gil didn't sound like teenagers, they sounded like middle aged people having a conversation. It wasn't all of the time though and it didn't pull me out of the story, it is just something I noticed. The story wrapped up well, and I can't wait to read more about Kate and Gil in the next book. Bottom Line: Great premise and quick read. For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com