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Flawed - Kate Avelynn Wow this story is intense and it broke my heart with every page. I can't imagine being in Sarah's shoes and having too make decisions that hurts herself and one of the people she loves at every turn. While there are some light scenes and some sexy ones, there are just as many gritty and dark ones. James her brother is ago broken but has this mission to protect Sarah that at first I could look over all the negative but things quickly escalate into areas that the author is brave to speak up on and explore because I think issues like these probably happens more than anyone would imagine but it isn't talked about. Sarah evoked so much sympathy from me. I cannot imagine living in an environment like hers, but she has such a fighter's spirit. She thinks that she knows what love is because of how James has always been there to protect her but watching her realize just how dysfunctional their own relationship is so hard to read. She feels like she is betraying him by having other friends and for having interests in guys, and she has to watch every move she makes because even though James protected her from their dad, he has a temper and many problems of his own. While many of the characters break your heart, Sam and his mom are especially dear to me and I loved reading the scenes with them in it. It balances out in a way Sarah's messed up family because Sam's mom is involved and caring. She even looks out for Sam's friends as well, because her heart is so big. It was awesome seeing the character growth in Sarah through her interactions with Sam and his mom. Though, they are not without heartbreak of their own... Sam's dad was killed in action protecting our country and that has left a hole in their hearts and memories. The ending absolutely trampled on my heart and while i could expect nothing less from such a realistic and no holds barred book, it is still on my mind and i am having a hard time processing it and figuring out how things could have ended any differently. Bottom line: Beautifully dark and amazingly crafted story that will move you and is so powerful and emotional. For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com