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Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer The first bit didn't suck me on the way I wanted it to. But once it got to Delilah's chapter, I liked her and her voice, and I was sold. I connected with her on a personal level with her being on the outside of social circles as well as the broken family vibe and of course being an avid reader, and that she does it for escape. I often wish I could be a part of my stories and I have to admit that I have imagined what happens to my characters when I am not reading but it is usually life after the story, not the fact that the characters have separate lives and personalities once the book is closed, and the fact that they live the story over and over with each new reader. I love how the dual narrative was done, mixing the fantasy with Delilah's more contemporary setting. It took me a bit to appreciate the actual fairy tale mixed in with Delilah and Oliver's chapters, because I preferred the real time and the voices and character that Delilah and Oliver brought to the story, their narrative and feeling instead of being twice removed with the fairy tale. I also appreciate that it was written by mother and daughter and there are strong family ties in the book as well. I liked the twist at the end and how it all played out. I didn't see that coming, and the ways that I kept thinking of to get Oliver out of the story didn't work out, but I never really thought about how they wrapped it up. Bottom line: Light fantasy from dual perspective. Not your average Picoult novel.