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Me, Him, Them, & It - Caela Carter Me, Him, Them and It takes a realistic and deeply emotional look at teenage pregnancy with a fresh narrator and Caela Carter makes the story her own not like reading the same old story again. I connected with Evelyn, the main character, because I can relate and see myself in her. She isn't quite like any other protagonist that I can remember reading about in that she is quiet, and it is hard for her to open up, while I wouldn't quite call it shy. I've read shy and I can sort of relate with that, but Evelyn is different and different is good to me. I guess the best way I can explain it is that she has a hard time saying the truth and of her feelings to others, and when she finally talks, what comes out isn't the truth. Me, Him, Them and It also showcased all different kinds of family and how love can be shown. There is the traditional mother and father, though both are disconnected and although they love Evelyn, her mom just doesn't talk much either, and her dad has made some mistakes and can't see how to get past them. Then there is her aunt Linda and her wife/partner Nora, who I might add are two of my favorite characters, maybe even more so than Evelyn. I love their dynamic and how at first glance you wouldn't think they would work but they really are the ones that get through to Evelyn. Their little girls Cecelia and Tammy are black while Linda is chinese and Nora is white, and it doesn't matter in the slightest to them, they just love each other. Tammy and Cecelia just bring the story to a whole other level, and I loved every scene they were in and what they taught Evelyn about herself, family and love. I will say though, that there is one particular decision that Evelyn makes while I fully support the action, I can't say that I agree with her motivations at that time and how the decision came to pass... If that makes any sense. I really don't want to spoil the story, but I couldn't review without mentioning that. I think that it can send the wrong message about that decision and that is the last thing that I would want. So, that said, I really enjoyed Me, Him, Them and It. The pacing was wonderful, it kept me engaged and the emotions are really what drove this book. I loved watching Evelyn grow and learn about herself and life. Bottom line: Emotionally driven story about one girl coming face to face with teenage pregnancy and making the hardest decisions of her life while learning to love herself and learning the ways her family loves her. For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com