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Breathe - Sarah Crossan In short: This is a fast and action packed story with an awesome premise, and characters that I wanted to succeed. At first the three perspectives confused me, especially the two girls, but I quickly got a hang of their voices and style as well as their backgrounds. I think at first I would've wanted to be in their heads a little longer, but I also think that the positive side is that we get to see how things connect. I was drawn in by the premise and by the characters especially when I got a feel for where they were coming from and a sense of their personalities. I quickly grew to love seeing the world from these three separate perspectives. Quinn is a premium (read: privileged and rich) and through fascination with Alina, a beautiful mysterious girl, learns that his world is not as it seems, and finds the longing for freedom. I really appreciated watching him grow and realize who his true feelings are for. Alina is passionate and strong. Seeing things from her perspective, as the one working for the resistance in the beginning, and watching her soften towards her traveling companions was quite a journey. It was easy to sympathize with her, the guilt she carries and the responsibility she all too acutely carries on her shoulders. Bea is kind-hearted and has such empathy for others, when she could easily feel so sorry for herself growing up as a lesser citizen, not being able to run or do anything that requires extra oxygen which costs money. I think that her personality and ways of thinking is closest to my own, and I connected the most personally with her. I could also totally feel for her unrequited love for Quinn at the beginning. This is such a chilling dystopian society. I can't imagine having to think about every breath. I also can't imagine being manipulated and lied to so much by the government. The resistance group is so easy to relate to and root for, and I loved watching them get stronger and as the new members realize the extent of Breathe (the government in the Pod)'s deception. I tore through this book, due to the great writing and superb pacing. There was always something going on, action as well as internal character struggles and growth. There were moments when I wanted to cry for the characters, others I wanted to cheer for them, and then others where I felt anger for them because of Breathe's actions. While the storyline of this book was tied up pretty well, it still left me yearning for the sequel. I wanted to know what would happen next, and what becomes of the characters I'd come to care for.