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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead This is very different from Vampire Academy, and that's good, and bad... Bad because I adore and miss Rose, and wish that I could've seen a bit more of her, and known what she's doing. The flip side of this is that if I would've gotten any more then I would have just wanted to be entrenched in her world. It's a good thing because the minor characters from VA really got to step up and we get to see a different side of things. Sydney is a different kind of character from Rose and that is refreshing... her voice and thought patterns are different, and it was neat to see a new perspective on a world that I love and never want to leave. Another wonderful thing about Bloodlines is: Adrian. He's still his same awesome snarky and unpredictable in that predictable way--and can still only be boiled down to... well, he's Adrian. We got to see advancement in his character, and more of the inner struggle and the hints of resolution. I just hope that he's strong enough that he doesn't wholly revert after what happens at the very end. I really fell for him in Spirit Bound, and even though after re-reading the first four, in addition to Last Sacrifice-it was really Rose and Dimitri's story and they belonged together, I really hope that he will get the fulfilment and happiness that he deserves. I can't wait for the next book, and I def recommend this one and will read the next one.