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The Secret of the Keepers: Kailmeyra's Strength (Kailmeyra, #2) - Elizabeth Isaacs The Secret of the Keepers starts right where LoA left off, and man, have I been waiting for this!!! We jump right back into their ride to their honeymoon, and Elizabeth gratefully does not make us wait long. She manages to beautifully balance the need for steam and a bit of detail with modesty and everything is appropriate. The lyrical flow of Nora's voice is still present, and reading her thoughts and following her journey is such a joy. Emotions are a big part of SotK too, and Elizabeth has such a gift, I feel lucky to get to share in this story. Everything seems so real, if the characters are joyous, so am I, and if they are worried or grieving, she manages to show their feelings and explain it so that it makes me think of a similar situation I was in and I'm able to experience things right along with them. So many things I was looking forward to was in SotK along with lots of unexpected. I was glued to my kindle and was a sad puppy when I had to put it down to do something else. Elizabeth beautifully continued her story, adding depth to the plot and opening up a whole new set of questions and issues for the next book. SotK left me bawling at times, laughing and snickering at others, and fanning myself a bit at others. I can feel the love and devotion between Nora and Gavin, and then towards their clan and friends, and for the land and people of Kailmeyra. Nora has so much to deal with, and has to make such hard choices, I really empathize with her, and admire her for the strength she finds and everything that she discovers. Of course, my favorites from LoA are present and there are some new characters to fall in love with, be suspicious of, and marvel at, from marvelous creatures to old ladies who I can never quite decide what to think about, and delightful children. And that is not even mentioning the "wild child:" she's amusing! If you've been reading this blog much, you know that Light of Asteria is one of my favorite books, and Secrets does NOT disappoint. I HIGHLY recommend!