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Silver Dew - Suzi Davis Ms. Davis starts off Silver Dew with a bang. I'd forgotten a few details from Amber Frost, but I was quickly caught up in Grace's story and everything came back. Their fear of the Others is palpable, and it shows that Ms. Davis' writing has only improved. The pacing is awesome and the descriptions are beautiful, it makes me want to see what they're seeing, and I can almost feel what they are experiencing, pleasant or no. But there are some steamy scenes, so that makes up for the fear and turmoil in a flash.I loved the memory scenes with Caoilinn, giving detail into things that have only been hinted at. It was a great experience to see Grace learn about her, connect with her in a way-dislike her in others and how the memories change things.There were many twists that I didn't know what to make of--Mags anyone? And the implications of her presence and the things that she says happened! But it plays into the story, and I was on the emotional rollercoaster with Grace trying to sort through it all.The ending was surprising, but I really enjoyed it. It shows the strength of Grace, how much she's willing to sacrifice, and the strength of the love between Grace and Sebastian.If you haven't read Amber Frost, I recommend you do that as soon as possible and then pick this one up.