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Traitor (Bridger, #2) - Megan Curd It took me all of five seconds to get sucked in the adventure packed world of Ashlyn, the awesome main character that Megan has crafted. Megan is strong, stubborn, and cares so much for her friends and family. Ash has a wit and humor about her that I can't help but fall in love with and be invested in her until I get to the last page and beyond. I was up until all hours of the night reading this, and didn't want to stop until I got to the last page, and even then, I still wished that there was more to read. The other characters that I loved, Liam the hot love interest. My heart broke for some of the things that he and Ash went through and had to deal with, and I love the heated moments we see between them. Meemaw is present and kick ass as ever. I love every scene that she is in, and I never know what to expect. I also love hearing what other people think about her, and how she invokes such a response from people. When I get old, I wanna be just like her, lol. It wouldn't be complete without talking about how awesome Reece is. My heart goes out to him and his feelings, and the sacrifices he makes for the people he cares about. He is such a great best friend, even in those moments he is being hard-headed and you want to strangle him a little. I almost cried near the end at what he did, and I can't wait to see what happens in his story next. There is never ending action, and surprises and twists that I never saw coming. Megan keeps me on my toes, and I can't wait until the next one to find out what happens to these characters that I have come to love and care about so much.