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Operative (Ganzfield, #5) - Kate Kaynak Operative is as full of amazing as I've come to expect from Kate Kaynak. She did not disappoint, and the only complaint I have is that I have to wait for Soulmate. Maddie is brave as ever, and I continue to admire her initiative and her concern for others. I'd really love to be more like her, and that would be true even if the hotness that is Trevor wasn't part of the package deal. Their relationship is so sweet to watch, and I love how it keeps developing, even though they had me a bit nervous at the beginning of this one, because I wasn't sure how things would be fixed. Kate writes some of the best secondary characters I've ever read as well. They all have so much life, and I'm always eager to find out more about them. It is hard though because she writes the story her way, and it's not always the easiest to read because it can break your heart. I am amazed at how she keeps surprising me and throwing in a curveball just when I think I have everything and everyone figured out--shows the mark of a true and talented author. I'm honored that she sends me her books to read, and that I can call her a friend as well. I've said it before, and I don't mind repeating, if you haven't read this series, you are seriously missing out! It's consistently been on my list of favorites that I recommend to anyone. Great characters, writing that's superb and evokes so much emotion while still managing to leave me on the edge of my seat. Review from Blkosiner's Book blog, read more of my reviews here: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com/