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Exposed - Susan Vaught This is a very realistic book about online predators, but it is also about much more. I haven't really read much about a teen dealing with an STD, and I think that its really important to talk about, because no matter how gross or uncomfortable, it is REAL LIFE. Sometimes things in fiction can make something in real life easier to deal with and hopefully that will make someone less ashamed of themselves, and realize that even though a mistake, it can happen, and you can still live your life. That said, the main character was sympathetic in some ways. She did in a sense have it all, but she also had a broken heart, an STD, and attracts the wrong sort of attention online, so really, she didn't. I didn't connect with her personally the best, but I still was invested in what happened to her, and I saw the bad things coming and didn't want it to. I love the realistic, but strong connection she has with her sister. She's dramatic, bratty at times, but underneath vulnerable and young. I love it when Chan's protective instincts kicks in, and the soft moments where she lets her in her bed after a nightmare, and other ways she looks out for her. I also love her bff Devin, it makes me long for a friend like that. The plot was fast moving and kept me interested, especially after the first few chapters of set up. I liked Vaught's writing style and want to read more of her stuff.