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Haven - Kristi Cook Haven is a well written novel that sucked me into Ms Cook's world. There is an awesome blend of paranormal featured and I liked how they all worked together to make a new story. I think that Violet very much reminded me of me when I was a teen- very hot and cold, smart one minute making dumb decisions the next. And jealousy was very much a factor in some of those stupid decisions. Aidan had me going with the "Aidan effect" too. Mysterious, devoted and hot. Who can resist? I don't approve of all of the secrets but I understand why in the end. I've read a few other reviews, and yes there are similarities to other stories, but that didn't take any of the enjoyment factor out, and then Ms Cook would throw in her own twist. I also wanted a little more from the climax- there was all of the work up and then things just seemed a bit too easily resolved. But I know that more is in the next book, so I am thirsting for the next one to be released already. I really like the friendships featured in Haven. Violet's roomie is my favorite, she is intuitive and loyal- someone that I would love to have as a bff. Her other friends kinda blended together to me even though they were written well and had their own personalities. I do like how they band together. I like one line- cold is the new hot! A few scenes had me fanning myself and wishing for more steam, not the cold shower lol. This is a great debut and I can't wait to read more from Ms. Cook.