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Eternity: A Fallen Angel Novel - Heather Terrell In some ways I liked Eternity better and worse than Fallen Angel, the first book in the series. There was plenty of action, and things that kept me turning the pages, I wasn't sure of who to trust and anxious to see how things would turn out. I still really liked Ellie, and I think that her struggle of maintaining a daily life, and keeping her secret is balanced perfectly. It would be too fake if she didn't have doubts and she didn't have problems. Michael was a eh point of this book to me. I understand how persuasive the fallen can be, but I feel like some of the points I thought were out of the way from the first book were reiterated, and I really just wanted him to step up more, and see him and Ellie's relationship strengthened. A very positive point in this story was the addition of the character Rafe. I can't tell too much about him without spoiling, so just suffice it to say that he saved the story for me. He is just what I want in the type of character role he played. The ending is kind of a question to me. I think that things were wrapped up beautifully even though I do feel like a few of the plot lines were a little rushed in the middle and towards the end. I am not really sure if there is going to be a third book, or where it might pick up if there is. If you enjoyed Fallen Angels, then I def recommend to pick this book up!