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The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter I didn’t much care for prologue, but the first chapter sucked me right in. I liked her voice and it set up what was going on quickly. Kate is a wonderful MC. She is selfless and strong. James is hilarious. Bottle of ketchup indeed. Though I laughed, I can honestly see my little girl doing that… James is awesome in the beginning of the story, he endears himself to me immediately. The support he shows for Kate and how he’s there for her, believing her and by her side. Swoon. Henry is mysterious. He never does what I expect, but I come to like him more and more. I don’t know what to think about Ava the whole time. I'd be annoyed and suspicious and then I'd really like her. My goodness this is an emotional book. Not a bad thing, but yeah. I haven’t read Greek mythology or books that are based on it before, but this is such a well done idea, and wonderfully executed. Just when I think I know what’s going on in the story—things surprise me. There are twists that I didn’t expect, and I’m constantly like Kate, wanting to know more, and a little weary to find out. This is really seamlessly and beautifully woven story. The ending is wrapped up well, but I’m still anxious for more time with these characters and to get my hands on the next book.