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You Wish - Mandy Hubbard You wish is a funny, cute and quick read! It is light but there are underlying themes that make it more than just a fluffy read (not that there is anything wrong with that!) I love it when books make me laugh and this one made me laugh throughout- Kayla's responses to things, what is actually going on in the plot, and her snarky comments. Kayla is an "outcast" and makes quirps at the popular crowd throughout, and I can totally relate- I was that girl in high school! I like the growth that we see in her especially toward the end, she realizes that she can be herself, instead of the self imposed image she put on herself of being everything that "they" are not. Her friendship with Nicole and Ann are great, and both had something to teach Kayla and to contribute to the novel. Ben, the love interest of the semi-triangle, is cute and quirky himself, and it is fun to watch him and Kayla interact. Kayla does somewhat fall under the absentee parent trend in YA, but I like that there is at least acknowledgement of this and some resolution to it. The wishes are all great in their own aspects, and I was kept wondering what would come next! It really makes you think about the things you wish for and how it could effect you if it came true later in life. I would definitely recommend this one!