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Personal Demons - Lisa Desrochers Personal Demons is a quick and exciting read. There are mouth watering guys, a fiesty main character, and a well paced plot. This is the age old good verses evil tale told in a relatable, suspensful, touching and funny story. I really enjoyed Frannie, she was a strong character and I liked hearing things from her point of view. I like that she questioned her feeling and didn't just blindly accept Luc and Gabriel's presence in her life or how they made her feel. I also like that she wants to have control over her life and has valid reasons for the decisions she makes. There is a love triangle. As for Gabe, I am glad that he was there for protection and guidance, and I understand that the quickest way to have him connect with Frannie and gain her trust is that attraction. Luc was always the choice for me. He is the ultimate bad boy who is changed and transformed by love. It really made me smile to watch him change, question the view points he once though ingrained. All of the heaven and hell jibes and jokes were amazing too! Frannie's journey to finding love, forgiving herself, healing from her brother's death of which she blames herself, and ultimately taking control of her life is a wonderful story. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recommend that you give it a try.