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Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann Cryer's Cross gives us an intimate and chilling look into the mind of Kendall's OCD. She is a well set up character. She has her disease, but she has ways to cope, she has friends, and I like her family. I am pretty confused about the WE chapters/poetry, but it all added up and started to make sense. Jacian comes in with intrigue and mystery. Nico is set up well as the best friend and boyfriend, and I am on edge when he starts acting strange. I don't know if it was their history and familiarity, or just the way Kendall's OCD was a non-issue but I was a fan of him immediately. Kendall is so heartbroken when he is found missing, and my heart goes out to her. I like Marlena right away, she is the other girl in Kendall's grade and she takes the time to explain her brother, and be friendly to K. And Lisa writes it beautifully- as Kendall begins to have some understanding and like Jacian a bit, so do I. All these things really bring hope into the story. It is chilling and I had no idea where everything was leading, I just knew it was dark. The ending is just as creepy as the book! But I like it. Cryer's Cross is fast paced, plot driven, and never left me bored. If you are in the mood for a dark book with a bit of horror/mystery this is for you.