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Losing Faith - Denise Jaden Losing Faith is an emotional book with a spoonful of mystery. The characters are likeable and well written, the plot moves along nicely. It kept me interested and I didn't want to put the book down. Though Losing Faith deals with religion, it never came across to me as preachy. It could have been a real life situation, and I think that Brie examined things and gave fair weight where it was due. Dealing with a cult, of course there is a pinch of truth and then taken to extremes along with a lot of lies. So, yes, we see these things in the book, but there are also examples of good christians. Losing a sister and a daughter has to be heartwrenching and we get an inside look through Brie and her parents. Jaden really conveys different ways of handling grief and I can almost feel their pain along with them. Though I felt I knew where the book was going and what the answers were going to be, it was a wonderful ride to with Brie to find the answers. I was right for most things, but there were still things that surprised me. My favorite characters in the story are actually Tessa, an 'outcast' who befriends Brie and shows her what being a friend really means-- also what getting into trouble means, but that is part of the fun. My other is Alys, the love interest. He is awkward but loyal, and caring.