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Courage in Patience: A Story of Hope for Those Who Have Endured Abuse - Beth Fehlbaum Through Ashley, the main character of Courage in Patience, Beth weaves a heartbreaking, powerful tale. I think that it can give hope to those who have suffered abuse, or it can give a first look at those who have not, but may have someone in their life who can. There are really dynamic characters in this book besides Ashley herself. One of my favorites is Bev, her stepmother. She has so much wisdom, patience, and individuality. I wish that a mold of her could be made. Ashley's biological father, David, is a perfect example that people can change. He is not perfect, he admits it, and he works hard each day to be better than the last. While Courage in Patience is Ashley's story- her abuse, her rising out of it, and her healing, it also has many other powerful themes. It shows what people say or profess shouldn't always be taken at face value. For example, talking about faith-"Somehow, I don't think Mrs. Glover's brand of Christianity was what Jesus had in mind when he said 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' From what I have read about him, it seems like He would hope that people who call themselves His followers would do so in a way that didn't make Him hang His head in shame." One of the most powerful scenes in the book is when practically the whole class stands up and defends their teacher. They are learning who they are, what they believe and making a stand for something they believe is important.